Throughout the 80s and into the 90s, Milwaukee’s Die Kreuzen challenged audiences by pushing the boundaries of what a hardcore band could do, experimenting with sounds far removed from the constraints of the genre. The band broke up in 1992, leaving behind four full lengths, a slew of singles and compilation apperances and an incredible amount of influence. For the remainder of the decade, its members went on to pursue other projects, both musical and otherwise. Meanwhile, the band’s legendary status began to quietly grow amongst musicians and music fans alike.

“…the Cows and Beer EP helped change the face of hardcore. Vocalist Dan Kubinski’s high pitched shredding screech has been endlessly imitated across all strands of Punk and Metal, trebly guitar sound helped point the way out of hardcore toward Big Black and eventually Grunge.”
an excerpt from “Users Guide To US Hardcore” The Wire (UK), March 2013 – Issue 349

In 2011, Dan Kubinski, Brian Egeness, Keith Brammer and Erik Tunison were honored with the induction into the WAMI Hall of Fame. This was the first time that all four members had appeared together since their 1992 breakup, and it wasn’t long before people started to wonder – would Die Kreuzen ever play together again? Over the years, the band had been offered many slots at high profile music festivals all around the world, but they never accepted.

Then, quietly in early 2012, via Facebook, Brammer broke the news – it was true – Die Kreuzen would be reuniting for a benefit show at Milwaukee’s Turner Hall Ballroom in May. The show marked the band’s first live appearance in 20 years, with longtime friend (and unofficial “fifth Kreuzen”) Jay Tiller taking over guitar duties. The band played to a sold out crowd, the setlist spanning their entire career.

2012 is looking great for Die Kreuzen. Trust me, you haven’t seen the last of them.

– Sahan Jayasuriya