Cows and Beer 12in “RSD-2014”

  • release year: 1982
  • label: Version Sound
  • re-issue year: 2014
  • re-issue label: Beer City Records

Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to put out a special limited – edition 12″ 45rpm of Cows and Beer that will exclusively offer the richest, most dynamic playback of this landmark hardcore classic yet. Billy Cicerelli from WMSE did the initial digital transfer of the original master tapes and then Dave Eck of Lucky Lacquers did further remastering and cut the lacquers.

Street Date: Record Store Day, April 19th, 2014
1,000 on translucent blue

  1. 1. Hate Me
  2. 2. Pain
  3. 3. Enemies
  4. 4. In School
  5. 5. Think for Me
  6. 6. Don't Say Please