Cows and Beer “RSD-2014”

  • release year: 1982
  • label: Version Sound
  • re-issue year: 2007
  • re-issue label: Beer City Records

Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to reissue the classic, phenomenal first 7” of the early 80’s hardcore band: DIE KREUZEN — Cows and Beer ! After having been out of print for nearly 30 years the original master tapes from this ground breaking release had finally been restored, remastered and given a proper reissue!

“We are doing this because we want to squash the bootleggers,” DIE KREUZEN singer Dan Kubinski explains. “For years they have been putting out inferior-quality bullshit and ripping off our fans. We want to give our fans a very clean, crisp, loud-and-heavy version of Cows and Beer. Billy Cicerelli from WMSE did the initial digital transfer and then Dave Eck of Lucky Lacquers did further remastering and cut the lacquers -and man, did they do an awesome job! This new version blows the doors and windows off of any other, including the original Version Sound release”

Street Date: Record Store Day April 19, 2014
1,000 on translucent red
1,000 on translucent gold
1,000 on translucent blue
1,000 on translucent green
1,000 on clear

  1. 1. Hate Me
  2. 2. Pain
  3. 3. Enemies
  4. 4. In School
  5. 5. Think for Me
  6. 6. Don't Say Please