Die Kreuzen to play Roadburn Festival 2013 and the Afterburner Party!

Ever since I walked out onto the 013 stage for the Roadburn festival in Tilburg Holland last April to sing “Man in the Trees” with Voivod I’ve had an anxious feeling, a feeling of unfinished business… like something was up… but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Walter, the official helmsman and Father of Roadburn sent me an email shortly after I arrived home thanking me for taking the time to come to Tilburg…. he wrote one of the most amazing things I’ve ever read…. he wrote to me that “Die Kreuzen is an influence on all things Roadburn”. He said its been obvious to him for some time now, especially after witnessing the performance with Voivod. He also told me that the year before Neurosis had curated Roadburn and Die Kreuzen was on their “wish list”. A few other curators including Voivod had also placed us on their “wish list”, Im so happy Michel Langevin (Away, Voivods drummer and artist) took the time to actually find us/me and write.

So now here we are 3 months later, Die Kreuzen reformed to play the Lest We Forget show here in Milwaukee WI and we did pretty good! So now there is a “buzz” so to speak about our little old punk band. In the days that followed LWF I emailed Walter and sent him pictures and videos from the first Die Kreuzen show in 20 years… Walter was as excited as I was when I asked if it was possible for Die Kreuzen to play at the next Roadburn in 2013. Walter loved the idea but needed time to decompress after last years fest and said he would get back to me when the dust had settled from Roadburn 2012.

He did contact me again in early June and we started to hammer out what it would take for Die Kreuzen to appear in 2013… needless to say it would take quite a bit to make that happen…. but Walter did his very best to make it possible for us and so we are happy to announce that Die Kreuzen will play Roadburn 2013 in Tilburg Holland. Tickets sold out in 7 minuets last year so make sure you’re on the Roadburn site when tickets go up for sale…. Die Kreuzen will play a 60 minute set on Saturday April 20th at 8:30 PM just before the headliners of this years fest ….GODFLESH!!! You dont want to miss this!

Die Kreuzen has also been asked to play the Green Room at the Afterburner Party the next day!

Read the official Roadburn press release here!

Watch the Roadburn site for news and updates.

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